Our strength is Our Community

All we need is you.

When you think of NFTs, you think of Pot Heads!

This is the Overall Goal, to reach as many people as possible!

We want to help onboard people into NFTs! We plan to be everywhere you look when talking about NFTs, whether its on Discord, Twitter, Open Sea or any other platform we will branch out onto, we want to make it as easy as possible for you and your friends to know about us and be able to join the Community with ease!



Hi, you can call me Glews, I'm just some normal pot head crypto lover, like the rest of you. I've been designing everything on this project out of the smallest town, in the smallest state in the US. It's hard building a community by yourself so though, so that's where you come in!



A community is nothing without it's people! We need you to make this all work. The most valuable asset to us isn't our NFTs, it's you! If you end up falling in love with the project and the things to come, like we do, then share it around!


The Team

You, me, your friends, smoking buddies, mom, mailman, that telemarketer that wont stop calling you, and definitely your plug can all be on the same team working together to build a strong network of potheads across the world, because lets face it... we've all smoked.

Distributed by Prolly LLC


First Drop:

90% or 9000 to the Open Mint
7.5% or 750 to Giveaways
2.5% or 250 to the Team

All Future Drops:

71% or 7100 to the Open Mint
15% or 1500 Airdropped to random holders
7.1% or 710 to Giveaways
2.7% or 270 to the Team

How to get one

There is 3 quick and easy ways you can get your hands on a Pot Head!

- If you want a chance of getting one for free through our giveaways, Join the Discord!
- If you see one you like for sale on Open Sea you can purchase it from the seller!
- If you want to wait for the next drop, you can Join a Whitelist Now!


Contract Address:
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